To my friends,
followers, students
and fans:
To add to the historical
record pertaining to my
presence on the campus
of Tulane University, to
correct some of the report-
ing inaccuracies within cer-
tain published articles, and
in an attempt to have some
educational online fun, I
have put together these
materials. I will attempt to
expand upon them in the
future, if the limited nature
of my technological capa-
bility does not interfere. I
hope you are all doing
VERY well, and I hope
you enjoy this little voyage
into yesterday.
Re: The Picture (which I hope will appear on this page)
The picture which I am attempting to persuade HAL 1000, my computer, to display on this page is known to, and I believe, appreciated by many affiliates familiar with my presence on campus. It resulted from an attempt I made to turn one particular lemon into lemonade. In 1990, when my presence had become very controversial, some brilliant individual(s) decided to spray-paint the slogan, "LOUIS GO HOME!!" upon the paving stones in front of the bench where I frequently "chilled". Some folks thought I must have been insulted by this scribbling.While it did wander into the realm of what might be considered low insult, I regarded it as free advertising. One day a photographess passed and I persuaded her to, "...take my picture by my sign." I made myself very much at home, as I hope you will see, in this picture which first appeared on the front page of the October 5, 1990 edition of the Tulane Hullabaloo.
NEWS ++++ NEWS ++++ NEWS ++++ NEWS ++++ NEWS
Here's the plan. From time to time news, thoughts, updates, opinions, and resources you may find useful will be posted to the lower portions of the pages on this site. This first page and the top portions of following pages will be devoted to my, shall we say, career at Tulane. I am going to attempt to load the lower portions of the following pages with helpful resources and information as I find it and then as I find time to post it. As I already have a career I do not intend to convert this project into anything resembling actual work. So far, it has been fun, educational, and only occasionally frustrating.
Some Tulane affiliates may have noted my absence, of late, from the campus. The reason I have not been to my outdoor office there recently is that I am on sabbatical. I have taken some time off to attend to some personal matters. The creation of this internet venue is part of the story, and as for the rest, I may elaborate upon that when I return. Anyone who would like to drop me a line may do so via my snail-mail address, which should be shown on this page. I do not know whether to set up an email account and/or forum in conjunction with this site. I think I've made myself reasonably available to those wishing to speak with me, over the years. If I begin swapping emails with everyone, things may soon get out of hand. And I do not wish to go on the record with too large a portion of what I plan, eventually, to say publicly. A post to a forum from time to time, on the other hand, would probably not be an imposition, nor likely to pose problems. We'll see.
Finally, I've been giving some thought to creating another t-shirt. It would look something like the top portion of this page, possibly with some additional information to be disseminated, by those of you who know a little more about some facets of Tulane campus lore than others, to those whose knowledge of these matters may not be quite so broad. It will probably include this website address. And if possible, at your option, neither, one or both of my sleeve "patch"conceptions. The first would read, "FOLLOWERSHIP" at its top, and, "MEDIOCRITY" at its base, with a central logo resembling a bell-curve superimposed upon a truncated pyramid. The second would simply state, "EAT A HOT DOG" except that the E would be supplanted by the mathematical symbol for summation, i.e., the Greek letter sigma. The patches would not be true patches, but would be printed, if it is possible and practicable to do so, upon the sleeves to resemble patches. I would like to get your feedback before proceeding with this project. Please let me know your feelings by regular mail. Or, if you are feeling exceptionally bold, you may include a check with your letter. If there is insufficient interest and the project does not go forward your check will be shredded within three months of the date I receive it. You should specify the number of shirts you wish (one will be the assumption unless you so specify), the desired size for each, S, M, L, or XL, and your sleeve design preferences for each. The amount you send will be left up to your own discretion. But bear in mind that the sleeve designs may prove to be too difficult to produce, in which case the sleeves will be unadorned, and please do take packaging and shipping costs into consideration and use your very best judgment, because if the amount does not cover costs I may not be able to fill your order. In that event your check will simply be shredded within the stated time frame. Remember to include a shipping address.
Best regards to all,
My Online Life
What? As everyone knows, I have no life, either online or off. Why did this html editor prompt me for this? Those of you who have become spectacularly wealthy and successful may send your financial contributions along to me at my snail-mail address:
Louis Rothbard
PO BOX 792355
New Orleans, LA 70179
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